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Welcome to EMS101 – The English, Math, and Science Community of ECS300 OPEN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM – The organization of accredited schools, colleges and universities network of Global Frontiers Institute.

VISION: Excellence in English, Math and Science for a better world for children.

MISSION: EMS101 – The English, Math and Science Community of ECS300 OPEN UNIVERSITY SYSTEM exists with the mission to:

  1. Organize online conferences and collaboration workshops for parents, teachers and students for the enhancement of learning English, Math and subjects.
  2. Facilitate the online formation of academic peer groups/K-12 tutorial clubs, professional development associations/continuing education societies and E-Learning Communities for excellence in education and community development. And
  3. Help develop a classified directory of resources and certified service providers for total community involvement in a global cooperation for development of resources for Health and Wellness Promotion and for the prevention and control of cigarette-smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic abuset and the social-economic impact of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC and its variants.

Annual membershio subscription and online account activation rate:

(In Philippine Pesos)

Regular member account (for parents teachers and students) – PhP300 only.

Premium Account (For event organizers and online community leaders): PhP1500 only.

Enterprise Builder Account for Schools and other SEC Registered or Government-recognized organization: PhP15,000 only.

I.T. Suppport provided by:

APIHEP ONLINE IT SUPPORT COMPANY – Official and exclusive provider of ECS300 I.T. Support and Web Development Services.

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